Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So I Can Throw Out This Little Sticky...

...And so I don't forget.

Jacob's 3-Year Stats:
  • 31-lb 7oz (48th percent)
  • 38" tall (66th% - and don't "they" say you double a boy's height at 3 to get his adult height? That's 6'3" - an inch taller than his Daddy! And almost a whole head taller than his Mama - OY!)
  • Goes through spurts where he eats everything in sight for weeks, then seemingly lives on AIR and WATER for weeks.
  • He turned 3 and BAM! It's like someone flipped a switch and the terrible 2s that never arrived are now the terrible 3s. Not super terrible compared to what they COULD be, just compared to his former happy, sweet, content, silly self. I guess it's not many moms that wish for their 2-year-old's temperament back - haha ;) Overall, he's still great. I could just do with less whining and complaining and "I can't DOOOO it!" *falls down on the ground because limbs suddenly stop working* At least his kicking-the-crap-out-of-people phase only lasted a week or two (sorry, Lily, Wyatt, and Hayden). Here's hoping THAT one doesn't return.
  • Potty trained within a week or two starting the week of his third birthday. Going #2 on the potty (instead of in his pull-up at nap time or bed time) took a little more convincing (maybe a month? two months?), but he only ever pooped in his undies twice (Hi, Aunt Ilse! So glad he did it for you while I was away both times!), and that was in his crib during nap time when he really wasn't ready to not have a pull-up on and I guess you never know that until you try, right? But now he's doing great and never has accidents (if you don't count the times he MISSES the potty and somehow sprays himself) and still uses a pull-up during naps and a nighttime diaper at night (though sometimes we get several uses out of them because if he's still awake, he'll call us to get him out of his tent and take him to the potty), and I'm sorry I complained about him turning 3. Because this no diaper-ness ROCKS. (Now if only Sam would learn...slacker). Speaking of which...
Sam's 1-Year Stats:
  • 23-lb (78th percent)
  • 28.5" (29th percent - put this together with her weight and you get LITTLE CHUBS!)
  • 46cm head circumference (74th percent)
  • Still in size 4 diapers
  • Still sleeps all night (7:30pm-7:30pm praise the LORD!)
  • Stopped nursing at 11 months (very sad - Mama, not Sam)
  • Eating EVERYTHING but nuts and shellfish. Starting to get picky now at 13 months - and by "picky" I mean she finally has preferences and finally stops eating when full. So "picky" compared to EATS EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME i.e. her former self, not picky compared to ACTUAL PICKY.
  • Hair still red and going strong - woohoo!
  • Pulled to a stand for the first time two weeks ago in her crib, and I was blessed to watch this little miracle in progress. First to her knees, then (with much screaming out in frustration) to her chubby little feet. Then MUCH BOUNCING WITH PRIDE. (Her, not me.)(OK, maybe I bounced a little.) Able to cruise along the edge of the couch or in the kiddie pool, but VERY SLOWLY. Will let go with both hands to play with something on the raised surface so long as her belly is leaning against it.
  • Still primarily army-crawling, but CAPABLE of crawling. She frequently gets on her hands and knees (she learned a few weeks ago this is how she can get back to sitting after army-crawling - another little victory!), and just this morning I saw her crawl properly about 5 feet before she gave up and army-crawled the rest of the way. ("Moooom, it's just so much QUICKER.")
  • Still super happy and silly and loves to make her brother and sister laugh by blowing raspberries, pausing to wait for them to crack up, then doing it again.
OK, so all this wasn't on the sticky. Just the stats. But if I don't write this stuff down now, I will forget! It's bad enough that Sam has all her milestones (mostly what food she first had on what date) recorded on the recycling calendar...poor third child.

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(OK, so the online stat tracking has been a little sporadic all around...Who thinks I should get it all from the pediatrician and create a graph comparing all three of them? Yeah, I'll get around to that as soon as I add pictures to this post. Haha.)


Amanda said...

Nice!! :) Way to go Sam! (And Jacob for the potty-training!) And I think it was double their height at 2 1/2, not 3...or am I wrong?? Anyway, this is a cool little tool to predict it...

leslie said...

You double their height at 2.

mayo clinic-Doubling a child's height at age 2 can provide an estimate of how tall ... Genetics plays the biggest role in a person's final adult height.