Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lily's 9-Month Pediatrician Visit

Lily's 9-month pediatrician visit was this Wednesday. She saw Dr. Schluper, Dr. Polonsky's daughter. We've only been to her once or twice before and I never really had an opinion about her methods either way. After this visit, I still feel the same.

I'm so grateful for the wonderful 8+ months I had with Dr. Polonsky before she passed away. I feel like I'm over the hump with the majority of baby questions I may have had related to food, weight, breasfteeding, vaccines, etc. that I had with Lily, and that I'll do my best to remember with subsequent babies. Every day, Lily seems a little less baby and a little more little person. And little person is so much less of an unknown health-wise. So yes, I'm thankful for a wonderful 8+ months.

I asked the receptionist about what happened with Dr. Polonsky. Seems she wasn't feeling well during the day, felt OK before bed, and then never woke up. So it was pretty much as I had heard. I didn't ask if it was a heart attack, because it didn't really seem necessary - either way, she died in the night. There is going to be a memorial service for her at some local gardens on a Sunday morning in October. Apparently, the garden owners will be dedicating part of the grounds to her, in appreciation for her help with their special-needs children at her alternative-medicine office. I'm still debating whether or not to go - it's right during church.

Lily did great at her check-up. She is in the 90th percentile for height (tall like Daddy) and the 50th percentile for weight. I asked Dr. Schluper if the big gap between the two percentages was a problem, and she said for a girl of Lily's age and activity level, it was completely normal. She's not underweight, just extra tall.

I mentioned that Lily is about eating us out of house and home, and Dr. Schluper said she wished she had that problem with her kids - they're picky eaters. It always amazes me that Lily doesn't gain more than about a 1/2 lb at every visit, with the mountains of food she devours. That little mouth is ALWAYS OPEN, waiting for the next full spoon to come sailing in. And oh the drama if you don't get it to her mouth fast enough! Apparently, her uncle Seth was the same way. Aunt Ilse tells stories of having to eat in the closet when he was around, because of how much he wanted whatever you were eating. So Lily not only LOOKS like my brother, she EATS like him, too.

When is she going to start resembling US? Come on, now.