Saturday, September 29, 2007

How I'm Feeling - Week 8

Very groggy and tired all day. 0% engery level. Poor Lily is bearing the brunt of my tiredness. All day, I look forward to her naps, so I can stop chasing after her and take a nap myself. Her lack of EVER sitting still frustrates me, because I just want to sit still myself - zone out on the couch and watch TV. She deserves her fun Mama back, and that's not me right now. I'm sleeeeepy, lazy Mama.

I'm also a little queasier than I was last time around - at least from what I remember. I now understand when women say they feel sick UNTIL they eat, which always made no sense to me. It's such a strange thing to wrap your head around - my tummy is empty and feels unsettled so I'd better go ADD to it. But it really does work. So long as I snack throughout the day, I'm not quite so unsettled. Too bad I never remember to do that until it starts.

The lack of being able to eat a full meal at once has returned, though not yet in full force. Sometimes I can eat, sometimes I can only pick. Very frustrating for a girl who loves to eat, but probably the only way I'll lose some more baby weight before I start gaining NEW baby weight.

Who am I kidding? My pre-pre-pregnancy clothes are NEVER going to fit me again. I'm slowly getting used to that idea, but not enough to drop my clothes off at the nearest donation bin. At least this time I can look forward to borrowing more maternity clothes, since a lot more friends/relatives have had babies since I was pregnant with Lily. Rock on, new wardrobe.