Friday, May 30, 2008

Jacob's 5-Day Pediatrician Visit

Last week, we took Jacob to our new pediatrician (sssh, the old one doesn't know yet) for a standard new-baby check-up. They weighed him and checked for jaundice. He did NOT have any visible signs of jaundice, so no testing was needed, and his weight was 9lb 6oz, already 1oz above his birthweight! If I recall, this was exactly the same with Lily. She was up to 8lb 8oz, 1oz above her birth weight, at her 4 or 5 day visit.

So chubby little buddy is doing good! The pediatrician had a student in training with him, and he was explaining how most babies drop 10% of their body weight after birth and gain it back within about 10 days, and then when he looked at Jacob's stats, he was a little surprised. "Well, this is pretty quick!" So apparently we're doing SOMEthing right.