Monday, June 9, 2008

Pediatrician Visit and Speech Progression

At 2 1/2 weeks, our little Jacob weighed 10lb 11oz - that means he gained a pound and a half since birth. Good job, chubby little buddy! Seems he's hanging on to his nickname. He grew 1/2" in length so he's now 22" long. He's in the 90th percentile for height and weight. His circumcision healed well and the bumps on his face may or may not be baby acne. They've gotten a lot worse since last week...poor little zitty guy.

His belly button stump (which was pretty gross and pussy) fell off Friday just before he was three weeks old. That took a little longer than I was expecting and we're still cleaning it out with rubbing alcohol to get the last of the grossness healed.

Otherwise, he's doing great. We spent the weekend down at Ryan's parents' house, who seemed to greatly enjoy their time with their newest grandson. They lovingly kicked us out Saturday night while the babes slept, so we had a date night and saw Price Caspian and had Carvel. Mmmm. How wonderful to be out and about and reminiscing about our sweet little ones in their grandparents' loving charge.

Lily seems to be doing better with her speech. She now says "more" instead of just signing it. The first time she said it (Saturday morning), I thought I was hearing things. But it was extremely clear and well-formed. "Moh-ore?" Two syllables, with an incline at the end. I told Ryan's mom Saturday night what I thought I heard, so we asked Lily if she wanted more of somthing, and she very clearly repeated, "Moh-ore?" Oh my gosh! There it was. She's gotten a little lazy and is now just saying, "Moh?" But I'll take what I can get.

Apparently, while I seized a much-needed nap (little chubby buddy doesn't understand that people sleep AT NIGHT), Ryan's folks and Ryan also got her to say down ("dow") and kitty (I can't believe this really came out, but Ryan swears she said "kit-tea" so I guess I have to believe him). I'm so proud of my little girl!

Her rescheduled Early Intervention appointment is tomorrow. We're gonna blow their socks off.

Here's Lily last week, giving the baby her pacifier

Here's Jacob when he was one week old at a family picnic in PA.


Amanda said...

Haha..I thought I recognized that fleece! Glad its getting put to good use! ;) What a great picture.