Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Small Accomplishments

Running simple errands - like dropping paperwork off at the building department, for example - is not as simple as it used to be. First, there's loading both kids into the car (who goes first?), along with the diaper bag (did I replenish whatever I used last time I was out? whatever's missing, I will end up needing), the paperwork (careful not to wrinkle it!), my purse, my book to return to the library, and the Phil & Teds (love it love it love it). Then I drive away with the paperwork still on my hood. Super.

After turning around, getting out (promising Lily I would return so she wouldn't start screaming her abandomnent), and collecting allll the papers off the road, I'm off to Town Hall. On the way, it starts to rain. Perfect.

We get there, and I realize it will be much easier to put Lily in her umbrella stroller and Jacob in the Björn than to haul the double stroller out of the trunk and attach the 2nd seat. Fortunately, the rain has passed.

Sometimes, my life feels like a comedy act. Maybe Candid Camera is around here somewhere...