Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lily's 15-Month Appointment

Today's pediatrician visit went better than expected. I didn't have to get into a long no-MMR confrontation like I had been anticipating. All I said was, "We're going to hold off on that for now," and she was all, "OK, then we'll hold off on the varicella (chicken pox vaccine), too, since I usually give those together."

And I was all, "Rock on." Though not in those exact words.

Lily lost weight in the last two months (we had her in for a suspected ear infection at 13 months and she weighed almost 22 lbs), weighing just under 21 lbs today. That was a little disappointing, since her forward-facing car seats are rated for 22+ lbs. She is in the 25th percentile for weight. But she grew three inches in the last three months! So now at 33" tall, she's in the 90th percentile for height. Tall and slim...must be Daddy's little girl.

Dr. Schluper said her i-teeth (incisors) will be coming in soon up top, so we have that teething to anticipate with glee. She also said the scar on her cheek will most likely go away in time, though there's a possibility it will just fade significantly. This is good to hear because she was scratched way back around New Year's, and the fact that it's still there - like a beacon on her sweet little cheek - really bothers me.

The Dr's only concern was with Lily not talking yet. She says 0 words. When you tell her, "Say 'Mama'," she proudly repeats it. But she never says it on her own and she never repeats anything else you tell her to say. So I have to call Early Intervention and set up and appointment for them to come to our home to evaluate our daughter.

But you know what? We're not worried. We both feel like she's a smart cookie and she'll start talking on her own time. Perhaps all the sign language we've been teaching her has hindered her need to vocalize her desires. Why bother talking when she can just sign and get what she wants instead? We'll see what the evaluation says. Until then, we're going to be vigilant in our efforts to get her to say SOMEthing on her own. We'll blow the socks off those Early Intervention people, just you wait.


Anonymous said...

Moo didn't talk forever..definitely not by the time his brother was born (24mths) but wah talks ALL THE TIME.

Brent and Abigail said...

Dont worry about lily talking. She is super smart and knows all that sign language. My brother didn't talk until he was 3 and then spoke sentences! What a great picture of the kids at the playground. (ours didnt turn out well at all. we realized when we got home.) IF you have time please send us that picture. We would love to have it for colin's scrapbook! We loved getting to see you and hope you vacation in va beach again next year :)

oh and brent got me a sewing machine for christmas 2 years ago and its still in the box. Let me know what fun things you find to make on it! I'd love to get inspired.