Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jacob Milestones

It was most likely Sunday when Jacob's first tooth broke through his gums, but I didn't notice until Monday. That sure explains why it was hurting SO MUCH whenever he would chomp down while nursing. Ouch! It's his bottom middle left tooth, when you're looking at him (so I guess that makes it his bottom right). Looks like the one next to it isn't far behind.

Funny, because he had his six month pediatrician visit last week, and the doctor remarked on how much he appeared to be teething, but said it didn't look like his teeth were coming in...Mama knew better.

At his checkup, he was 26" long (25th-50th%), which was the same as last time, but I remember not holding him up to the edge of the board close enough last time, and thinking, "Oops, he was a good half inch or so away!" (well, his HAIR was touching!), but I felt too silly to tell anyone. When they looked at his chart this time, they could tell last time was a fluke, because the arc of his height growth shot up really high last time, and now it's back on the same old curve. I've been discovered.

He weighed 15lb 9oz (10th-25th %), which is less than he weighed a few weeks ago wearing a soaking wet diaper. Uh, what? *grumble, grumble* Mama is not too happy when her babies aren't gaining weight.

The only negative report from his checkup was that he wasn't completely sitting up by himself yet (apparently, most babies can by 6 months) and that he wasn't really making any consonant sounds yet (I guess they don't count h's - hehe). It's funny, because when he was real little, he'd goo and "ah-gaah" all over the place, but he stopped that a while ago and it has yet to return.

So we've been practicing letting him sit on his own (we had been sitting him in the bumbo or the high chair, where he isn't required to do it himself).

Sunday, he finally sat on his own for more than just an accidental second! And every time he looked like he would push himself back or slump forward, he's recover and pull himself back up. That's my boy! Getting so big. Every day, he is doing long as we remember to practice!

We split up his 6-month shots into two sets, instead of getting all five at once, just like we did with his 4-month shots, so he'll be back next month for the last two, and they'll re-check his torso control again then. We are going to blow them away with his progress!

His head was 44cm (50th-70th). I had never really paid attention to this stat before, but this time they said his body was finally growing into his head. Come again?! I always thought he had a big head, but it was nice to have it confirmed. Lily had a big head, too. No wonder it always takes me so long to push out my big babies ;)

This morning, me and both kiddies hopped in the shower/bath together for the first time. Jacob had no problem being held under the showerhead with me, because he was in Mama's arms and what could possibly ever go wrong there? (Did you know they even make waterproof slings for just such a thing? How cool!) He just blinked a lot and stared straight ahead, wide-eyed and trusting. Lily she got scared under the showerhead and started telling me she was, "Uh-done, uh-done." So I turned off the water and we all sat and played for a long time in a few inches of water. They both loved it, and Jacob laughed whenever Lily would splash ("shash"). I love how he's so responsive now!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the tooth. What a big boy! Who knew they were supposed to be sitting up unassisted at 6 months. Andrew didn't do that until 7.5 months, and no one said anything to us. Oh well. It sounds like he is doing really well. Both kids are beautiful!

Glad to see your big one is still on the paci too. We are trying to work on that around here!

Anonymous said...

Awww...he is SO sweet! I wouldn't worry about the sitting, I think wyatt only sat earlier because he had a huge at TWO months!!!! Poor arms were already getting sore...hehehe!!! What a happy smiley. =)