Friday, November 21, 2008


For Christmas last year, we gave our parents and grandparents 2008 calendars featuring Miss Lily, created at I loved the idea that every month featured a different photo of Lily from that same month the year before.

In January, 2008, shortly after Lily celebrated her first birthday, relatives from here to Indiana were seeing this:

(Oh the cuteness! I miss that dimple on her forehead. I wonder if it's still there under her hair? When I look back on photos of Lily as a baby, I see so much of Jacob in her.)

This year's gifts will NOT be calendars (sorry to everyone who had their hopes up...gotta change it up once in a while, ya know?), but it WILL involve Lily & Jacob, and beyond that, I am not at liberty to say anything except that IT WILL BE AWESOME.

OK, I've gotta get back to work on it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Leah, I really enjoy reading your blog, it's full of life, love, happiness and also struggles. And all those bargains with those coupons!! Anyway, all David and I want for Christmas is to see all of you and especially those 2 darling sweet children. Even though the terrible "2" stage has hit Miss Lily, it will still be a joy (just like your middle name). I still remember when you were running in Oma's backyard with your little lima beans. Nuf outa me! Love, Aunt Ilse