Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pediatrician Updates

Two weeks ago, Lily had her 2-year well-visit. She weighed 24lb 3.5oz (25th percentile), up 2.25lbs from six months ago. She was 34" tall (50th %), up 1.5" from six months ago. Her head was 48" in diameter (65th%), and I don't know what it ever was previously. Her temp was 97.9 degrees, and she was given her HepA shot.

Dr. Dan made me initial his comment, "Parent refuses MMR, varicella (chickenpox), and Flu vaccines," after giving me a long speech about how that was pretty careless on my part. I've done my research and have come to my own conclusions. I appreciate being informed, but those skinny little legs fall under my jurisdiction, so I get to say what does - and doesn't - get injected into them.

She is doing great physically, and after a thorough questioning (of me, about her), was deemed to have met all the two-year milestones. She was saying way more than the normal 50 word minimum for 2 years old, but is also supposed to be starting to string three or more words together, and the most we've ever heard out of her is two, such as, "Hi, Daddy." Apparently, "I love you" and "all done" only count as one word each. Must be the New Math.

As we've been saying all along about her speech, she'll get there in her own time. Look how far she's come just in the last three-six months!

Today, Jacob had his second set of 6-month vaccinations. He was due to have them at Lily's 2-year visit, but he was still so sick that I cancelled his part of the visit (although I did ask Dr. Dan to check his chest while he was there - all clear). Now he is all better - I am SO thankful he is finally done with that awful cold.

I was told the persistent rash he's had on one side of his neck and behind one ear is actually eczema, and to treat it with 1% hydrocortisone cream three times a day until it goes away. It might keep recurring until he's around 4, when it will go away for good. That was good news, because I never knew eczema ever went away, and when I first heard that word, I felt so bad for him.

Jacob cried a little during his two shots, but ultimately was a trooper. Lily didn't make a peep when she got her vaccine at her 2-year visit, and the nurse was so impressed, she hand-picked a princess sticker for Lily to take home.


Bethany Erber said...

So do you have a quick reasoning behind your decision in not getting the vaccines? That's something I have never researched (don't really have the need to research at this point.. haha) so I'm curious!

Anonymous said...

Yay for sticking to your guns on the vax issue! I'm surprised your dr fought you on it! I wish I had researched it more with Kate - she had a awful reaction to the MMR (hives all over her body). We are doing a delayed/selective vax schedule with Grant. Are you skipping the MMR, or just delaying it. Not sure what to do with Grant - I was thinking of doing them separately and spaced out.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I never really thought about skipping any (although another friend I know is skipping ALL of them!). But I was very adament about finding a pediatrician who would only do 2 shots at a time. I figured, one per leg and then I could tell if there was an allergy to one.

Actually wait... we might skip the chicken pox vax. I mean, come on! When we were kids, our mothers dropped us off at the house of the chicken pox kid! It wasn't something you AVOIDED! :)