Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo Books

I'm so happy I'm finally able to share the beautiful photo books we gave to our parents and grandparents and aunts for Christmas, featuring our little troublemakers. (Click on any spread to enlarge.)

"From our happy family, to yours."
(Back and front of dust jacket)

"Lily & Jacob, 2008"
"Welcome to our 2008 photo journal. We hope you like it!"
(Front inside flap and first page)

"Lily enjoyed celebrating her first birthday..."
"...but she did not enjoy the snow!"

"Lily spent lots of time outside (after the snow melted)."
"Looks like someone's going to be a big sister!"

"Jacob Ryan, May 18, 2008"
"Lily meeting her little brother for the first time."
"9lb 5oz of sweetness."
"Mama loves her chubby little buddy."

"Lily and Jacob had lots of fun going to the park with Mama and Daddy."

"A day of adventure at the Turtleback Zoo."

"Goofing off at Long Beach Island."

"Lily was the flower girl in cousin Heidi's wedding."

"A beautiful Fall day at Ort Farms."
"Pumpkin picking"

"Two little tricksters!"

"Thanks for joining us!"
(Last page and back inside flap)

The photo books were made with Snapfish. Last year's calendars were made with Lulu.