Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lily's 3rd and 4th Toof

Yesterday, while her grandparents were here, Lily lost* her 3rd tooth.

*"Lost" in this context is a misnomer, because a.) I still have it, and b.) "lost" implies it came out accidentally and unexpectedly - neither of which is true. With two grandparents very excited to be sharing in the moment (and promising a quarter per extraction - quite a raise from her parents' meager penny per each previous tooth!), there was apparently much motivation to finally twist those suckers loose..

Her top, left tooth came free in the downstairs bathroom with a little blood and much hurrah.


The lovely state of her 4th loose tooth, twisted out of place and dangling, a few hours after she removed the 3rd.

The fourth came out this morning.
Oh my goodness, look at that face. How I love that kid.

I can't stop staring at that adorable grin, and thinking how different she looks with that gap.
She was messing with the 4th tooth at the mirror, and it must have come out easier than she expected, because it slipped out of her hand and went - so she thought - right down the sink. I quickly stopped up the sink and declared it off limits until Ryan could come home from the men's retreat tomorrow and inspect. But this evening, after Lily brushed her teeth, ran the water, and spit into the stopped-up sink, I decided I couldn't leave that gross water sitting there for another day, and we bid the tooth a watery farewell and washed it down the drain (which Lily found much less sentimental than her poor, sappy Mama).

A couple minutes later, I found said tooth sitting quietly by the faucet on the sink counter. It never went into the bowl.

Currently, it is safely tucked away under her pillow, waiting for the Tooth Fairy to replace it with grandpa's 2nd quarter.


Kirsten and Lily today. As you can imagine, these beautiful, sweet girls are very pleased to share the same lifp.

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