Sunday, October 6, 2013

So Much Time

Wow. I can't believe it's already Fall and I've barely posted all Spring and Summer. We've had such a wonderful, full year.......funny Sam turned THREE, Jacob turned FIVE, Elliot visited a Gastroenterologist, Ryan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, we took our yearly trip to the circus, we took many trips to the zoo and a couple field trips to the Newark Museum, we made frequent use of our free bowling passes, Jacob graduated from preschool and Lily finished first grade, we went to Maryland twice, we went to the carnival and saw the fireworks, the kids went to VBS (twice) and to the Lego Club (twice), our little baby Elliot turned ONE, we went to the spray park, Lily and Jacob took turns sleeping at my parents' for a couple nights each, Samantha slept over Aunt Ilse and Uncle David's house, the oldest three took karate lessons and two weeks of swimming lessons at the lake, we went fishing with my dad on his boat a few times, we visited friends with pools (Litthya, Aunt Ilse, Beth, Zoe), Jacob started Kindergarten and Lily started 2nd grade, we took a road trip to Florida (!), one kid got seven teeth while another kid lost four, Samantha started pre-PreK, we went apple picking, the kids started soccer and AWANA, etc. etc. etc.

I get tired just THINKING about that! And that doesn't even include all the little things we did in between. All the field trips, all the park dates, all the play dates, all the birthday parties... Plus Elliot started WALKING between 12 and 13 months, and now at 14 months is super speedy.

I wish I could post in-depth about everything (especially our trip to Ft Lauderdale), but I fear for now, this brief summary will have to suffice...

And perhaps I'll throw in this cute cousins picture from our field trip to the pig farm in PA today: