Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roseola and a First Tooth

Elliot had a super high fever all weekend, and then Monday morning, the tell-tale rash appeared on his belly: Roseola!

Thank goodness that's all it was. Tuesday, it was fading from his belly and spreading onto his back. Wednesday, it was fading from his back and spreading up the sides of his cheeks / under his ears, and down the front of his legs. Today, it's mostly gone.

Tuesday, he cut his first tooth - bottom right. He must have been so miserable all weekend with fever AND the tooth coming in.

(You can hardly see the tooth I circled, but believe me, it's there!)

Funny how his sister is losing teeth, and he's finding them!

He's eating like an old pro now, and my babyfood-making affinity is in full swing. I'm trying to stuff him full to make up for all the time he lost - and he's happy to oblige. His 9-month visit is fast-approaching and I'm hoping for some improvement on the ol' growth curve. When you're already in the 1st percentile, there's literally no where to go but up, right?