Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Down, 19 To Go

Overheard at the breakfast table this morning:

"Dear Jesus, Thanks for sending my tooth out so I could have another penny to put in my heart bank. And thank you for this bress-fast. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Yes, Lily lost her first tooth! After a couple weeks of examining and wiggling and waiting, her left front bottom tooth just fell out into her mouth this morning while she played with Jake and Sam at the kitchen counter. Jacob saw her remove it from her tongue and look it over, and yelled, "Lily's eating the Play-Doh!" Haha.

Earlier this year, Ryan and I were wondering what was the going rate for each tooth, but then Lily set us straight and let us know Mama needs to pay her a WHOLE PENNY per tooth. So after much, "Well, I don't know now...a whole penny?" we relented and agreed - a penny it is! Years from now she's going to be kicking herself that she didn't pay better attention when Mama first started introducing coin values ;)

PS Bad Mama almost went to bed without remembering to take the tooth out of Lily's little tooth-shaped felt pouch under her pillow and leave the penny in its place. She would have never let me live that one down! I can't believe how tiny it is next to said penny. (And it's hollow...weird.) Lily is blossoming into this beautiful, articulate, thoughtful, helpful, SWEET girl, but her tiny baby tooth - probably the first one she got 5 1/2 years ago - reminds me that she's still my little baby girl.

Too bad Elliot isn't a few months older with his first tooth coming in, or their two smiles would be perfectly complimentary :)