Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Bed

Lily's been sleeping on our old WONDERFUL full size bed since we upgraded to a king this past winter. The idea of a little girl on a big bed like that is just outrageous to me. It seems wrong. So now that our bed is on long-term loan to Aunt Ilse and Uncle David (congrats on your new house!), we got her toddler bed back down from the attic.

You'd have thought it was Christmas. Climbing into it, Lily proclaimed, "I LOVE this bed! I'm going to sleep on it FOREVER!" I held my tongue, realizing how very soon my little baby girl would no longer FIT in that need to spoil the moment.

Then she exclaimed, "Now I don't have to be scared of the bad lady anymore - I can be happy!" And oh my goodness, now SO CAN I! Lily's been coming out of Jacob's bedroom and begging to sleep in the hallway every night for the past week or two, scared of some mysterious hat-wearing lady she apparently saw in one particular movie that has no scary ladies in it, and given Lily's propensity for extreme honesty, even when lying would greatly improve her situation, I knew she was not making it up. (Plus, her description was super-detailed. And consistent. A stall-tactic would be neither.)

If she indeed has overcome this fear, that will mean no more Jacob screaming, "I want somebody to sleep with me!" whenever she leaves his room, no more Lily roaming the upstairs hall for HOURS, no more Mama telling her no, she still can not come down and watch our movie with us, no more Samantha waking up screaming because Lily's incessant question-calling has disturbed her slumber, and no more Ryan carrying Lily and allllll her sleeping paraphernalia back to bed after she's finally fallen asleep. (Though I have to admit, we both think that last one is super cute.)

It's amazing how one child's sleep patterns can disrupt an entire household - here's to the re-emergence of the toddler bed!


Mel said...

Aw the last one is super cute! ;-) Ours still fall asleep on us. It's definitely special!

Hopefully they are sleeping better