Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleepy Lily

Lily has slept Jacob's room every night since last October when she got a door slammed in her face and landed in the ER for another round of liquid stitches. She went from having night terrors almost every night (sometimes more than once per night) to having none since the night she started sleeping with Jacob.


I couldn't believe the immediate difference. I know it's said there's no real reason for night terrors, but it looks like Lily had them because she was lonely. And a little unsettled. It's amazing what another kid in the same room did for her sleep. Not to mention how excited Jacob was to get a sleeping buddy! Boy does he babble on and on and on ("Jacob, stop talking! I'm tired!").

Now, one of our favorite parts of the day is listening to them talk, sing, scheme, and yes even argue as they're winding down together in his room. Lily still sometimes needs to roam the halls before falling asleep, but it's usually only after Jacob's passed out. And she's his messenger: "Jacob has to go potty really bad" (even though we know she added "really bad" just to bolster his request), "Jacob wants another kiss," etc.

Anyway, I thought about the night terrors last week when she had a fever for a few days, and had a night terror three nights in a row until the fever had passed. Boy do I NOT miss those! They always seemed to happen riiiight after I'd fallen asleep. And after being so used to sleeping through the night again (thank you wonderful sleeping children!!!"), I was super groggy and grouchy getting to her room.

I found what comforted her the most was saying her name as I tried to soothe her, and repeatedly telling her I loved her - it seemed to calm her breathing and lessen her hysterical wailing at least a bit. When it was over, she simply laid down again and went back to sleep, like nothing ever happened. In the morning, she would look at me like I had two heads when I'd ask her why she woke up screaming the night before. "But I slept so good last night!"

Here's an article on night terrors in case your kid has never had one...just imagine the quiet of your dark house being interrupted by a sudden, horrible SCREAMING that just goes on and on. At least it's not because anyone is hurt!

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HeidiMama said...

Leah -- I made Brian sleep in my room from when I was in 1st grade until I was about in 5th grade. I still HATE sleeping alone. ;)