Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Girl Bed, Take 1

I know this bed is the same size as her crib, but somehow, it looks huge and Lily looks so tiny.

She said, "Yes," when asked if she wanted a pillow. She then proceeded to happily put it NEXT to her head, and lay her head on her bunched up blanket, like always. I guess it's the thought that counts ;)

She pointed at the empty crib and shouted, "Jacob sleep there!" and since he was already wailing in the crib in his room, why not wail in Lily's crib instead?

Little boy was none too happy. Not sure if he was overtired or if the HIB vaccine from earlier in the day was bothering him. (Today's 15-month well-visit is a whole other story...) But he did momentarily find the camera flash amusing, which is how we got this second picture:

1 1/2 seconds later, he was back to screaming.

I told Lily she could only get out of bed to use the potty, so whaddya know? We're downstairs talking about how cute and how big she is in her bed, and suddenly Jacob's crying gets louder, so we know she's opened the door and come out. "Mama, potty! Mama, potty!" So I go upstairs and put the step stool in front of the toilet and explain to her that she doesn't have to call me - she can just go.

I go into my room to get ready for bed, and here she comes waddling in with her pullup and pants around her ankles. "Wipe! Mama, wipe!" Of course I hadn't HEARD anything so I know there's nothing to wipe.

By now we've put Jacob back in his crib because he just is not settling down in her room. The "2 kids in one room" experiment will have to wait for another night. Lily climbs back into her bed. Another 5 minutes later, she's standing at the closed gate atop the steps, calling for me. Ryan is there and tells her to go back to her bed, and that if she gets out again, she goes back in her crib.

Little steps take off down the hallway to her room.

ANOTHER 5 minutes later, more, "Mama? Mama" from atop the steps. So Ryan sadly goes and puts her back in her crib.

Darn that whole concept called "follow-through"...!

And then, for the 2nd time ever, Lily climbs out of her crib. We hear her calling upstairs. This time I go up, and I mean business. She's standing in her room and asks to go downstairs. When I tell her she only has two options, her little bed or the crib, she chooses the bed. On the way, she asks for milk. Like, "Come on, Ma, gimme SOMEthing here." But she's already had a lot. "No milk, Lily."


"No more water. Climb in bed."

"No - go downstairs!"

So then the threat of punishment. And this time, when given the option of where she would like to sleep, she chooses her crib. And I haven't heard a peep from her since.

Oh, and somewhere in there? Jacob stopped wailing.

Here's a video of bringing in her bed, the inaugural climbing in, and happy happy Jacob:


Auntie Ilse said...

"No shoes in bed"....that was so cute when she said that. And she was so happy with her new bed, even though she tried every trick in the book (I'm sure she has some left) not to stay in it. I love your children, Leah, and already love the new little one growing inside of you. Aunt Ilse/"Great" Aunt Ilse :)