Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Escape Artist!

5 minutes ago, it finally happened. For the first time.

Lily climbed out of her crib.

I was sitting here at the computer, just as I am now, when I heard a little voice at the top of the stairs. I immediately knew she had escaped. And that moment had come when everything would have to change.

I went upstairs and stared at her. "Did you climb out of your crib?" She dodged the question: "Mama's bed! Sleep in Mama's bed!" This whole escapade would have been a lot cuter if she hadn't been trying to get out of nap time for like an hour already, and if I wasn't tired of going back up there - repeatedly - to tell her, no you've had enough drink refills. No, you have enough books in your crib already. Look, your pacifier is right here under your blanket!

Mean Mama...

I'm actually surprised it took so long. She has been a climber since she was born, scaling everything imaginable (and even those things previously UNimaginable - to me!). She has known how to climb out of her pack'n'play for a long time. But I think the one time she tried to climb out of her crib, she got stuck with one leg on either side, and I when I came to investigate her crying, I found her petrified and hanging on, unable to get out or back in.

I guess this reconfirms my decision to set up her toddler bed this evening, since she's doing so well not peeing in her pull-ups at night, and I'm tired of getting out of bed at 2 a.m. to take her to the potty.

Good timing, little girl. Good timing...

*Hmm, I just re-read this and noticed I mentioned how tired I was two separate times. That could be a pregnancy sign, right...? Or am I still reaching?*


Brent and Abigail said...

way to go lily! have you watched her climb out? when colin climbed out and before we set up the toddler bed I made him show me how he did it. And what a big girl peeing on the potty so well.