Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pickle Conundrum

Is it weird that this egg salad sandwich with American cheese and bread-and-butter pickles on wheat bread is the best thing I've ever tasted? EVER?

(Until the next best thing a few hours from now...)

Is it weird that I'm combining pickles with egg salad? I am normally a pickle fan, so I can't tell if it's me being pregnant or me just being me.

Can you tell I'm still looking for some signs here??? (Other than that 2nd positive pregnancy test I took Saturday. Thanks for humoring me, Angela!)


Amanda said...

I would totally eat that

Aunt Ilse said...

well the first thing you did when we got up there on tuesday was put pickles on the ham/cheese sandwich on whole wheat that i brought up for you. what did you crave when you were carrying lily and jacob? just wondering. peanut butter and pickles? i'm sure someone's tried that! love you :)