Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My E-Mail to Ryan

even though i just vacuumed, the kitchen still looks like a war zone. every single surface is covered with food and dirty dishes and it's just so gross i want to run away.

but at least the dishwasher is empty. you know that's always a big hurdle and turning point for me...

lily will be going down for a nap soon. she's just in such a good mood i don't want to disturb her.

jacob had a huge nap this morning so the longer i hold off lily, the more likely it is i'll get them to nap together this afternoon. and maybe nap myself!

we had mac'n'cheese with green beans and hot dogs for lunch. well, i had green beans and hot dogs. they mostly just had mac'n'cheese ;)

now they're out playing on the deck so nicely, and i can hear lily singing to herself as she rocks her baby maggie. so sweet...

don't forget to have lunch. and by "lunch" i don't mean some m&m's and a coke.
mmm...that sounds good.
love you.


Brent and Abigail said...

i love it! esp the part where you want to run away :)