Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not a Morning Person

Every morning, a little boy wakes up early and climbs into bed next to me. He tries to be still, but he is three and it is not physically possible. He squirms. He fidgets. He can not understand that Mama is not ready to be awake. There are so many more useful things I could be doing between 7am and 8am every morning besides...

Jacob, please lay down
Jacob, stop jumping
Jacob, please stop asking if it's time to go downstairs
Jacob, that is not a whisper
Jacob, please do not drive a train up my arm while I'm sleeping
Jacob, it is never OK to drive a train across my face

I think I need to stop fighting the morning and just get up when he does...


Mel said...

Aw! It's definitely hard to get up when they want to get up earlier than we do!

HeidiMama said...

haha! jacob, it's never ok to drive a train over mama's face. that made me laugh outloud!