Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Sam I Am" Finds Her Legs!

Today she finally did it - Samantha walked across the living room! TWICE! As if she'd been doing it for months while we weren't looking. "What, Mom? This is nothing new." Just last Thursday, I'd seen her take two little steps - one with each foot - so she could grab on to something just beyond her reach. They were her first official non-FALLING steps - actual "I am choosing to propel myself forward" steps.

But today was incredible! A cute little boy named Levi came over with his Mama for a short visit, and he was racing around with her shopping cart, and guess what? She all of a sudden decided to follow after him! WITHOUT HOLDING ON TO ANYTHING. It was incredible. I think I literally shrieked for joy (sorry, Levi's Mama). Might be the first time someone shrieked louder than Sam, the ultimate shrieker.

8 days ago, when she officially turned 17 months and was not yet walking, I told her congratulations, she had done it. She had officially BEATEN Jacob in the race for "Who Can Take the Longest to Start Walking." He took his first steps at 16 months, and started really walking at 17 months. But if she takes off soon, I might call it a tie. GOOD JOB, SAM! (FYI, Lily started walking at 12 months.)

Tonight, she walked like 5 steps between me and our Small Group babysitter Casey maybe four or five times, Ryan catching the action on her last cruise across the carpet. So glad he got to see it, too! I am so stinkin' proud of my chubby, funny cutie pie - you'd think I haven't witnessed this twice before. Yes, all you skeptical new Mamas with just one kid: it is JUST AS EXCITING the 3rd time around.

Hope to catch it on video soon!

PS So I don't forget: Sam made her first attempt at crawling 8 months ago, and has really been crawling consistently/properly for the last 7 months (starting when she was 11 months old). She started cruising around 5 or 6 months ago (when she was 12 or 13 months old).


Mel said...

Yay Sam!

How's she 17 months already! And our boys are 3?!

J started "army" crawling at 10 months, took his first steps at 13 (it was like I was dreaming) and "really" walking at 14, when L was 3 days old. L started walking at 11.5 months.

All in their own time! :)

Aunt Ilse said...

Wowie-Zowie! How exciting, but what a tease because there isn't a video! Will patiently wait for the video or see her walk in person which would be even better! Miss you and your wonderful family, sweet Leah. Love, Aunt Ilse

HeidiMama said...

oh boy! 3 walkers in your house now! must be fun! congratulations sam! and i think you're right leah, i think if sam and rain got to hang out, they'd be bff. cute lil red head and cute lil brunette. xoxoxo