Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sam's 1st "Crawl" Attempt

Today, it finally happened: Sam took an interest in crawling! She's been so happy just rolling around, I wondered if she'd EVER take the plunge forward. I was so happy to finally see her put some weight on her legs - or even just one leg, as you'll see.

What a big week for Sam - she learned how to use a bottle (hooray!!! now I can go on the women's retreat with church at the end of the month without worrying how Samantha will possibly drink without nursing), and as a result, a sippy cup immediately thereafter! You could see it on her face - it all suddenly made sense! She started guzzling and kicks her legs/waves her arms when she sees a bottle or cup coming her way now - regardless of what's in it.

This and the move to start crawling are two little miracles in her life this week. We are so, so, so thankful for our beautiful, sweet baby, and every accomplishment is such a joy - especially when they're this hard-earned.

So here's just a clip of the video I took of her inching forward. I love how Lily and Jacob were so happy to cheer her on!

Jake didn't crawl until 11 months, so as of tomorrow, Samantha has one month to beat him! =)


tony and tam said...

this is the same age Elenai started walking!