Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sam's "15mo" Stats (at 16mos)

We were a little behind getting Sam to her 15mo pediatrician appointment. She didn't go until the 20th of this month, when she was about 16 1/2mos - oops =) In hindsight, I'm glad we had the extra time. For one, she's THIS CLOSE to walking!

  • Na-na (banana - her favorite thing EVER)
  • Mama
  • Dadda
  • Mmm-ma (Oma)
  • Opa
  • Bar-bra (our neighbor)
  • La-la (Lily)
  • Ba-ba (Jacob)
  • Buh! Buh! (up! up!)
  • More
  • Duh (down, done)
  • Boo (book)
  • Bah (ball)
  • Esh (yes, with lots of head nodding)
  • Shhh (shoes)
  • Ch (cheese)
  • Beh-beh (baby)
She says most of these words without prodding - for instance, if she just SEES a ball, or a baby, or my neighbor Barbara's house. She is constantly asking to get, "Buh! Buh! Buh!" (up). Compared to the other two at this age, it feels like she's talking up a storm. She is doing a great job imitating our words and sounds, something the other two late talkers had a lot of trouble doing at this point. It feels like every day, she's finding new ways to express herself verbally, whether or not what she's actually saying sounds anything like what she means ;) I'm so glad she's trying and progressing!

Does Regularly:
  • Looks straight at you and shakes her head "no" after doing something she's not supposed to - predicting our response! Strong-willed little troublemaker (RED HEAD). It's getting more obvious (with her temper, strong focus, etc.) which child she will be more like.


  • Nods head "yes" vigorously (with eyebrows raised high - SO CUTE)
  • SHRIEKS (I could do with less shrieking. Yes, 3rd child, we hear you.)
  • Cruises (She's gotten so good, she can walk along next to you holding just one of your fingers.)
  • Stands alone (She can stand straight up in the middle of the room without anything to hold, and then just stands there for like 10 seconds - she is very proud of herself when she does this one!)
  • Waves her pointer finger in a circle when the microwave is going or she spots a ceiling fan
  • LOVES making faces at people / imitating faces
  • head/hair
  • belly
  • feet
  • shoes
  • mouth
  • tongue
  • kick/splash!
  • stand up
  • sit down
  • walk
  • lay down
  • arms up
  • so big!
  • light
  • fan
  • tray
(and a million other things I didn't write down)

(sand does not taste so good)

Samantha is still hysterical. She is one of the funniest little babies ever. She flirts with people. She loves to make faces and imitate expressions/noises (this one keeps her busy with willing strangers in the grocery store)(and the flirting). If I would carry her around on my hip all day, she would be the happiest baby in the world ("Mama! Mama! Buh! Buh!"). She's very social like her brother was, and loves her Mama like no other - though those little arms fly out BEGGING for Opa to pick her up (accompanied with, "Eh! Eh! Eh!") the minute she sees my dad!

She's super smart and purposely PICKS on me - TEASES me. She has great fine motor skills - always trying to take things apart or carefully put them together. She can stack markers together - you know, how the lid from one snaps into the bottom of another. She doesn't quite have Lily's incredible concentration and perseverance, but she certainly doesn't just give up like the other guy! There is much shrieking (did I mention the shrieking?) involved if she can't accomplish her task or if she needs help - Jacob still just walks away and looks for something else to do. "Oh, well. Lalalala...SQUIRREL!" When you stop the car and walk over to her seat, she puts her hands on her buckles and makes noises like she's trying to get them open - or like she's telling us that's what comes next. Today, she strapped her booster seat shut all by herself - just kept working on it, furrowing her brow, until she got it. She may be on the later end of walking, as was Jacob, but that little brain of hers is rushing on ahead!

16mo stats:
24lb 15oz (ALMOST 25lb) - 71st %
31" tall - 51st %
47cm head circumference - 72nd %

Hep A & Prevnar
*(no desire to get into the vaccine debate - we are somewhere in the middle ourselves - just posting this for my own reference!)*

Compare with Jacob's 15mo stats
The comprehensive stat tracker


Anonymous said...

"Strong-willed little troublemaker (RED HEAD). It's getting more obvious (with her temper, strong focus, etc.) "

You are fired. Send me the child. I am her real mother.

Mel said...

So cute!!! :)

Mel said...

We get shrieking here too :(