Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elliot Stats...So I Don't Forget

8lb, 13oz
21" long
14"/4 head circumference
Vitamin K shot
(no eye drops, delayed HepB)

~2 days (in hospital):
8lb 10oz

4 days (at pediatrician - his due date!):
8lb, 14oz (back above birth weight already!)
21.5" long
37cm head circumference
99.1 degrees
HepB vaccine

2 weeks, 2 days (at pediatrician):
9lb, 3.5oz - 59th %
22" long - 87th %
38.5cm head circumference
99.0 degrees
Diagnosed w/thrush (on tongue)

Apparently, both Lily and Jacob were also 1oz over their birth weights at their 4 or 5 day pediatrician visits, so it's funny how consistent these babies of ours are! Or how consistent my milk is ;) For some reason, I have no record of a 4-day visit for Sam - did she not have one? Now I need to go see how quickly they started sleeping through the night, so we can start that, too!!

Mama = TIRED.

Jacob's 5 Day Stats & 2 1/2 Week Stats
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