Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snapshot of Now

Yesterday, Elliot smiled for the first time. Not just one of those sleep smiles or milk-coma smiles or my-tummy-hurts smiles. But a REAL smile, right at me, starting a little crooked then making his whole face light up. He looked so much like baby Jacob smiling - it was awesome, and certainly made his super fussy day much easier to tolerate.

Also yesterday, Elliot rolled over on Lily's bed. FOUR TIMES. From belly to back. At just over 5 weeks old. (He actually did it once at 4 weeks, but I thought it was a fluke.) Lily and I couldn't believe it. The first time, he was pretty close, but couldn't quite get flipped (one leg was high up in the air, flailing, determined) so I gave him a little nudge. The second time, it took him quite some time, but he was able to do it himself. The third time was a little quicker, and the fourth time was immediate. SLOW DOWN, young Padawan.

This week, he also started coo-ing. And making brief eye-contact. It's ADORABLE. Sweet little noises during his [brief] moments of calm alertness. It's really nice to see signs of him being more alert, more aware, and not just unhappy every time he's awake. His tummy troubles will be brought up at his 6-wk visit tomorrow.

Yesterday, Jacob wrote his name for the first time ever. Not just some scribbles, but actual [almost legible] attempts at [mostly] the correct order. It TOTALLY COUNTS. Because his previous attempts at writing his "name" had more closely resembled nothing close - like, just a straight line. Or a whole bunch of deformed circles next to each other. So I'll take it!

Samantha is AWESOME holding a pen or crayon or what have you. She figured it out all by herself waaaay before Jacob, and can sit there coloring for HOURS - I do not exaggerate. Little girl's incredible. It certainly makes school time with the other two much easier, now that I know how to keep the toddler occupied. I've started giving her things to color that are helping her learn without her realizing I'm helping her learn. Tricksy Mama.

Samantha has known her colors since before she turned two. Without anyone teaching her - just by observing the other kids. Within the last few months, she's added some of the secondary colors to her repertoire: pink (pinch), brown, black (blach). Her favorite color has always been purple - though for some reason, Lily always insists it's yellow. Samantha knows a few letters (especially S - go figure) and has been able to count to 3 for a while. In nursery on Sunday, they told me she counted to 10, but I had never heard it. Then just yesterday, I saw her count to 8 before shouting GO! and throwing herself headlong onto a pile of pillows. Oh I love my silly Sam!

Just today, Lily finally FINALLY was able to quickly and easily do the sight word activity sheet in her My Father's World homeschool Kindergarten curriculum. She's been running away from this particular worksheet every week since they started appearing months ago, and so today, I casually encouraged her to try again, and wouldn't you know it...? She read every word lickity split! No guessing which picture the words matched this time. It was such a huge breakthrough, I felt like crying.

And finally, last week, Lily learned how to draw a heart. Now there are hearts EVERYWHERE. I love it.


Happy-to-be-Mrs.D said...

So looking forward to all the goodness to come!!!