Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Part 3

Just like two years ago after Jacob was born, I realized it was time for my long, overgrown mane to BE GONE. And given to someone else who needs it. And unlike the kids' haircuts a couple weeks ago, I knew this was one cut I could not handle myself. So off I went to a professional who did the chop-chop for me.

SO much fun for Samantha to grab on to in the middle of the night...I literally have to PRY her fingers out of my hair, one by one.


10", 11", and 10" ready to be donated:

One side ready, one side gone:

It's definitely shorter!

You may notice that while I was at it, I donated $10 to Pink Hair for Hope (by the American Cancer Society and the National Breast Cancer Foundation) and got that fun little streak of pink hair fused in. Figured I was already donating my hair - why not spread the love?

Overall, I liked the last cut better two years ago:

(How cute is little Jake peeking out of the Ergo?!)

But this one's a little longer and doesn't fall out of my pony-tail (my only requirement: long enough to pull back). I may futz with the hair around my face if I get the probably not ;)

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Deb Marcus said...

congratulations on a good deed. Your short cut looks fantastic!

Mel said...

Your hair looks great! I thought about donating mine before since it always gets so long but I don't know that it's healthy enough! My little ones love pulling it too so I almost always have it in a pony tail. I keep wondering about cutting it too since although we like it long, it gets annoying at times!

Brent and Abigail said...

it looks great!

Amanda said...

It looks great Leah! Your hair must grow SO fast!