Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Part 2

The Hobbit a.k.a. Jacob Before:



Lily Before:

Long, but an awful, tangled mess!

Too bad she would never let me brush it and preferred to run around with a rat's nest on her head...


(her blonde locks were too light to photograph against the floor alone)

Not Quite After:

Shorter, but still a tangled mess...

Next: Into the tub for some No-More-Tangles shampoo, followed by No-More-Tangled spray, followed by lots of, let's say, adamant protesting while I brushed out the MASSIVE clump of knots for what I hope will be the last time.


SO CUTE! I love the end result. I was surprisingly not sentimental about cutting her hair for the first time, especially since we waited SO LONG for her hair to grow when she was a baby. I think it really helped that I couldn't take it being a horrible mess anymore, and I'm hoping now it will be more consistently manageable. If only she had let me brush it, I wouldn't have had to cut it at all...

This was my first go at cutting Jacob's hair, too. Not sure why I waited so long because I've been buzzing Ryan's hair for at least 10 years now, and Jacob's wasn't much different. Though Ryan holds still a little better ;)

I'd better save a little bunch of Lily's hair and frame it, like we did for Jacob after his first haircut over a year ago.

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Jen Hixson said...

Ryan looks like such a big boy now! =( I should just buzz Andrew's; it would be so much easier than working around 4 cowlicks. I just can't bear to let him look so grown up yet.

Good job, Mama! You should try a separate conditioner in Lil's hair too to try to keep it really soft so it doesn't knot much.

Brent and Abigail said...

they look so cute. jacob had so much hair. i'm so scared to buzz colin's hair - i'm afraid i'll cut him. and his hair is a rats nest in the back too. i have to threaten him wiht a hair cut so i can spray it and comb it out. did you do both on the same day? way to go!