Monday, November 8, 2010

Sam's First Cereal

Little baby Samantha will be 6 months old in two days. (Holy cow, that's just unreal. Wasn't she just born, like, yesterday?) And in this house, 6 months means it's time for cereal!

I couldn't get over how happy she was to be eating - she even laughed after her first or second bite! Like, "This is great! Maybe I'll start sleeping through the night now!"

Haha...a Mama can dream.

What I really loved was the interaction between Sam and the other kids. Lily and Jacob were so interested and curious. I gave them each a bite of cereal after Sam was done. Jake said it was OK, then adamantly refused a 2nd bite. Lily made a super awful face, spit it out ON THE FLOOR, and then GAGGED a few times so forcefully I thought she might throw up, before whimpering a little bit, like, "I can't believe you just did that to me!"

Such a difference from the first time she had cereal:

Grabbing the spoon, opening her little mouth for more - so into it! Unlike Jacob a.k.a. the Lump, who gagged on almost every bite his first time:

I was happy Samantha's grandma could be here for her first food, and then her Aunt Ilse was here for her second this afternoon. She will be an eating rockstar once she learns to get her tongue out of the way - you can't lap it up, silly baby!

Click here for Jacob's First Meal

PS Is it just me, or does everyone else think Lily & Sam look EXACTLY THE SAME?


Mel said...

ahh so they did try it! the second video (the one of Lily) isn't showing up for me.