Monday, January 14, 2013

More Elliot Stats

Note Mid-January: I started this stats page a while ago and didn't publish it until now, because I was missing a few stats in there. I am STILL missing a couple weigh-ins, but better late than never!

Elliot's 6-Week Stats
10 lb, 3.5 oz - 44th%
22.5" long - 69th%
39cm head circumference - 53rd %

Elliot's 11 1/2-Week Stats
10 lb, 15 oz - 18th%
23" long - 33rd%
41cm head circumference - 60th%
(12% overall for combined weight and height)

Doctor Craig was a little concerned that Elliot wasn't gaining enough weight (something like 1/2 ounce per day being the bare minimum?) so she's having him come back at three months - one week from now - to see if we need to start supplementing him. Not so crazy about the idea of having to get out the breast pump... I was going to say I think this is the earliest I've ever had my milk supply run so low, but then I remembered going through a phase with Jacob where he was down to the 5th percentile for weight (after being born at the top of the chart at 9lb 5oz). I'll have to go back and see how little he was when that happened and see what I did about it. It's strange going from super chubby baby Samantha to barely-gaining-weight Elliot.

But you know what's funny? This is number four, and I'm not concerned at all. Little buddy is generally very happy (after a SUPER fussy first month of life - praise the Lord that passed!) and content. He spits up like nobody's business (perhaps acid reflux?), but generally never acts like he needs more to eat as a result. And after looking at his overall weight/height curve since birth, Dr. Craig said she felt a little better that he's on his own little curve and perhaps he will just be a smaller not well over 6' like his daddy.

And like his brother seems like he will be ;)

We shall see!

Elliot's 3 Month Stats - 10-30-2012
 9oz - 12th%

Elliot 12-07-2012
12lb, 10oz - 6th%
25.5" long - 63rd%
This was the visit that really bothered Dr. Dana b/c he had dropped to the 6th%...  So I went home with the resolve that I would  nurse him on both sides whenever it was convenient, continue nursing him throughout the night whenever he woke up (which was ALL THE TIME...arghhh), and to continue trying to get him to take a bottle. No such luck. He haaaaates it.

Elliot 12-17-2012
??? Have to find that little piece of paper.
He had maintained his 6th% weight (1/2 once per day) since his visit on the 7th, so Dr. Dana was happy. She had me schedule his next weight check 3 weeks from now, when he'd be 5 months 1 week.

Elliot's 5 Month Stats - 12-31-2012
13lb, 4.5oz - 4th%
Brought Elliot in for a sick visit. He had a hacking cough, super junky chest, and runny nose. He was having trouble nursing/sleeping/taking a pacifier b/c his nose was so stuffed up. I wanted to be really sure he wasn't wheezing (no RSV, no asthma). Fortunately, he did not follow in his brother's footsteps and no nebulizer treatment was needed. We had him weighed while he was there, and he had pretty much maintained his weight, so Dr. Craig said instead of coming back the following week for his previously-scheduled weight check, to push it out one more week (so 5 months 2 weeks).

Elliot's 5 1/2 Month Stats - 01- 14-2012
13lb, 9oz - 3rd%
DTAP, Polio
Dr. Dana wasn't too concerned that his percentage went down a little since the last time she saw him (mid-December).

One day last week when Elliot was in a nice and happy mood, I figured, what the heck, let's start you on solids and see if that will help with the weight gain - I waited the full 6 months with the previous three kids - which turned into two days of TORTURING him with rice cereal. How DARE I put anything so foreign on his tongue? The gagging! The awful faces! The crazy extrusion reflex! Oh, my...this boy really does not want ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING other than nursing.

So today I thought we'd throw caution to the wind and give banana a try - which I've never given any of the kids until after they've had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, barley cereal, green veggies, and orange veggies (yes, I'm a little hyper-vigilant about the order of their first foods). Guess what? He GAGGED. I'm sorry, buddy, but seriously? Who doesn't want a whole lotta sugar goodness? And I'm especially eager for him to start solids because then he'll stop spitting up. 

 And really? I'm ready for 5 1/2 months of being puked on all day to be over.

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