Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gospel for Asia Collage, Year 2

Lily put together another collage of the gifts that she, Jake, and Sam picked out to send to "Gospel for Asia".

I was completely not surprised that she chose to hang it in the exact same spot as last year. She doesn't forget a thing.

I can't believe how much more grown up Lily looks than just last year.

Sam had a lot of fun "coloring" in their Christmas catalog...with glue stick...on people's faces.

"How's this thing work?!"

It was funny how both Lily and Jacob picked out mosquito nets (guess they REALLY don't like those suckers!) and water filters, amongst other things. Sam was adamant about, "Fishing! Nets!" (Hi, Dad.)

Just like last year, it was really hard for Lily to pick out farm animals for people other than herself. "But I want the chickens for me! And the BUNNIES!!!" Maybe one day those farm dreams will come true, kiddo...

Last Year's Gospel for Asia collage