Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my husband. This morning, he piled the kids into the car and took them to his daily breakfast destination, Dunkin' Donuts. And me? I didn't get out of bed until near 11 a.m.

11 a.m.

For those of you without kids, this may not seem like a big deal. You still get to decide how long to sleep in on your days off. I miss that luxury...I miss sleep in general (little buddy? he's not a big fan of sleep). But this morning, I got to go back to bed after waking up to feed Jacob and after watching Lily while Ryan got ready to leave. (It's not like I just didn't wake up until 11 a.m....that won't happen for at least another 17 years.)

So thank you, thank you, wonderful husband of mine. You are my best friend, my relief at the end of the day, and a wonderful father to our two little stinkers. I love you.



Brent and Abigail said...

11:00. I'm jealous! that sounds like a dream. what a great husband.

Amanda said...

Yeah, what she said.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you got to sleep until 11am! I have a funny story. Monday thru Friday, I get up at 6:15am to get ready for work. I'm enjoying my 5-day weekend now and the other day I got up at 9:16am and when I looked at the clock, I got scared! Really. Like I did something wrong by sleeping in and laying around in bed for so long. I felt like I was sleeping the morning away and it was just after 9am! It's not like I had to get up for anything or do anything important, but I'm so used to getting up around 6am that this scared me. haha Just had to share that. Silly me. Love Aunt Ilse