Friday, November 28, 2008

Rockin' CVS!

This Black Friday (actually, I shopped on Thursday), CVS had a gajillion things virtually for free. Here's what I got:

1 Aussie shampoo and 1 conditioner - Free w/ECBs
2 Colgate toothpastes - Free w/ECBs + $2.50 in overages from coupons
1 Sally Hanson nail polish - Free w/ECBs
1 25-pack Garnier make-up removing wipes - Free w/ECBs
KitKat and Hershey's info below...not free*
1 King-Size Reese's - Free w/ECBs
1 Bic Soleil w/ 2 cartridges - Free w/ECBs + $3 in overage from coupon
1 Johnson's dry skin lotion - Free w/ECBs + $1 in overage from coupon
2 L'Oreal lip glosses - Free w/ECBs + $1 in overage from coupon
1 L'Oreal anti-wrinkle serum - Free w/ raincheck
3 Gatorade G2s - Free w/ECBs

So all that was free PLUS I gained $7.50 in ECBs b/c of the coupons I used! Thanks, CVS, for paying me to take home more of your stuff. ;)

*I messed up and spent $1 on the KitKat b/c I didn't realize the Reese's was part of the same deal and I had already reached my limit of one. In another transaction, I bought the Hershey bar instead of losing $.60 in ECBs. Mmmm chocolate. (The wrapper is actually empty in the photo above because Ryan ate it already.) Then add up the tax on all the purchases and you figure I spent $3.50 out of pocket for everything - still less than the amount I gained in ECBs.

Hmm...$3.50 is about the same amount I would have spent on just the Gatorade (which I love). Pretty sweet!

This was my Black Friday shopping challenge. Some of these items are going in my Operation Christmas Child stash for next year - I figure if I start now, I'll have a TON of stuff to donate by next Thanksiving, and that has me VERY excited.


Anonymous said...

haha Empty hershey bar wrapper. Because Ryan already ate it! haha

BusyMom said...

that is a great trip. I never knew how much you could get for so really helps stretch the budget.

Thanks for stopping by.