Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Boom

We got married in 2002. Back then, it seemed like allllll of our friends were getting married at the same time. There were a MILLION wedding presents to buy and ceremonies to attend. It was awesome.

Then there was a lull. So sad, because I love weddings. The happiness! The devotion! The promises to be tested!

But what I hadn't realized was that after the wedding wave comes the baby wave, and this...? This is even MORE awesome. Because buying someone a toaster is in no way comparable to picking out teeny little onesies, hooded duckie towels, and polka-dotted fleece sleepers with feet. Our kids need that stuff like a hole in the head, so I only get to pick it out when OTHER people procreate, and thank you THANK you, everyone, for making babies JUST SO I CAN GO SHOPPING FOR YOU.

(Eowyn - yes, like in the Lord of the Rings! - Jacob, and our nephew Jeffrey)

This year, we welcomed Hope, sweet little Jacob, Jeffrey, and Eowyn to the church nursery. Four newborns within four months...cue ensuing "We need more nursery volunteers!" panic. Another friend who used to go to our church is expecting her 2nd in January (we're waiting for you, Kimberlee!), and if you didn't already believe in miracles, hearing about all they went through to get pregnant with this baby will certainly change your mind.

(They're still waiting for TLC's "A Baby Story" to call them back...if they don't get picked, TLC will really miss out on sharing a truly inspirational story!)

Shortly after Jacob was born, I packed up all my Bradley birth books and mailed them to a friend I met online (at Freecycle, of all places!) to help her better prepare for the natural birth she and her husband always wanted. Their son Josiah was born this summer.

(Mackenzie with her super-happy Aunt)

Last month, a childhood friend from Sunday School had a baby boy named Aidan (emergency induction caused by pre-eclampsia), a high school friend from youth group had a girl named Mackenzie (amidst their ongoing battle to adopt their one-year-old foster child, Micah, who they've had since birth), a high school classmate had his second little boy, Joel, and some friends from college who got married had their second little boy, Joshua.

(A beautiful shot of Joel with his Mama)

(Joshua as Wonderbread for Halloween!)

Wow, October was a busy month! (Which leads me to believe last January was just as busy...hehe.)

In addition, one of my high school teachers had her third baby, Jack, not long before Jacob was born this summer. And just yesterday, I found out that a friend of mine from college and his wife are expecting their first baby, Joseph, in two weeks.

(Jack's cute little feet)

Now let me count this up...
Hope, Jack, Jacob, Jeffrey, Eowyn, Josiah, Aidan, Mackenzie, Joshua, Joel
And still to come...
Joseph and Kimberlee

That's 12 babies! (And look at all the J names - oh my!)

Add to that all the people I know who are either waiting to adopt or unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, and the count is immeasurably higher. (Ladies, if you don't know why you're not getting pregnant and haven't started charting, please PLEASE read Taking Charge of Your Fertility before the "Why is everyone else in the world pregnant except for me!" heartache continues...I've been there and I feel your pain).

I wonder if the baby rush will slow down next year, or if it will continue in earnest. I hope it keeps up...tiny onesies make me happy.


Bethany Erber said...

oh my.. that was surprising seeing my picture on there.. it's definitely not one of my favorites.. lol.. oh well! But you missed one! Dave and Dana Ralph had baby Addison last month!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I, too, love all the babies arriving. I also love how we got married 2 weeks apart. Then, we had our first two just weeks apart. And now, we have Jacob and Joshua. Awesome!