Thursday, January 10, 2008

20-Week Ultrasound

Our 20-week ultrasound was perfect! The baby looks perfect, we didn't find out the gender (didn't want to!), and it eases my mind to know that everything is OK in there.

We got some traditional, cute pictures...

(The tech gave us this pic above b/c we said Lily sleeps with her butt in the air, too!)

...and some kinda scary alien-looking pictures.

Not a big fan of those 4D ones, but they were good for making out baby positioning. Ryan thinks they make the baby look like a boy, and Lori thinks they make the baby look like Lily, i.e. another girl. We shall see!

I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going! I'm writing this at 23.5 weeks. Another month or so, and the baby will technically be old enough to live outside the womb, though not without many complications, should some unknown circumstance cause that to happen. That also eases my mind a little. And also makes me a little antsy. We're so looking forward to meeting our next little stinker!

Speaking of little stinkers...Lily has a cold. A bad phlegmy cough and a persistent runny nose. And of course she LOVES having it wiped all day. Poor little stinker. I wonder if she knows what's happening when she coughs? Though she's gotten very good at it. Hopefully, this will pass soon, because it's making her crabby and she's sleeping poorly because she's so stuffy...both of which affect Mama. =(