Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reading Time with Hayden

Every other Thursday, we get together with Angela for reading time and preschool time. The days leading up to reading time, Lily and Jacob get very excited choosing and practicing reading the books they're going to share with Hayden. These times together are a great exercise not only in reading aloud, but in preparing, taking turns, and listening quietly. It's something we always look forward to!

Late October:

One of Lily's favorites right now: There's a Wocket in My Pocket! 

Jacob usually picks one of the BOB Books he's read lately.
(Looks like Hayden and Lily are enjoying it!)

It's fun to be ONE!

While I'm grinning from ear-to-ear watching the oldest three reading to each other, Angela guides Sam and Abigail in a preschool lesson - usually about whatever Abigail is learning that week. Samantha is always more than happy to join in! This time, they were working on the letter E.

Samantha and Abigail making elephant ears

Cute Abigail displaying not only the elephant ears, but the trunk, too!

Sneaking in a little Bible verse memory time.

Lily very much wanted to make her own set of elephant ears. She LOVES crafts! I love how she worked super hard on the first ear, then realized, "That takes way too long!" and quickly filled in the second ear with any old color just to get it done - hah! 

Early November:


Jacob chose another one of his BOB Books

(I loooove the little bare legs)

(Can my kids be any closer to Hayden? Haha)

Sam and Abigail (and Abigail's doll) working hard on their number 4 project.


Sneaking in some more Bible verse memory time...

And reading time should always end with delicious smoothies!

Late November:

Jacob shared one of our favorites, Sheep in a Jeep (with much assistance from his sister).

Lily read Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude, followed by In One Ear, Out the Other (twice - there was oh so much giggling!)

Then it was time for a WORM HUNT! Yes, totally unrelated, but hey, they really wanted to...and it sounded like a fun adventure!

(So many little heads gathered around one big bucket...LOVE IT)

There were no worms to be found (too cold?), but we did happen upon one snail shell - and the most exciting find of the day, a garter snake!

(Angela desperately waiting for her loan guy to call her back - she closed on her first house the next morning. CONGRATULATIONS!!)