Monday, November 11, 2013

Gospel for Asia Collage, Year 3

It's that time of year again: Time to glue together our annual collage of gifts the kids have chosen to send to families in need through "Gospel for Asia."

Perusing the catalog. 

Deciding how to divvy up their $20 each. Hello, extra math time. 

Cutting out pictures of the rabbits and chickens and Bibles they've chosen to buy. 

Jacob. Using scissors. Without complaining or cutting off that person's arm or head. I was in awe. He did a GREAT, focused job. Hello, successful fine motor skills time.

Lily starting the collage, Jacob still cutting. 

See? No beheading! Rounded corners. I've noticed such an improvement in his overall focus and fine-motor stamina this year. Well, sometimes. 

Pasting on his addition. Lily had by now moved on to cutting out the remainder of the catalog's cute livestock for a collage of her own, which she entitled, "We want." Never one to mince words, that girl. 

The finished product...which Lily chose to hang in the exact same spot as the last two years...after I talked her out of hanging it on the front porch.

Before nap time, we spent some time praying for the kids and families who would receive these gifts. And for little hearts that would not be envious about giving -and not getting - these gifts.