Thursday, May 16, 2013

Simon Says SAM

Part of Sam's preschool time focuses on improving her delayed gross motor skills. (Case in point? She's 3 and still can't run.) Her delay is what makes these pictures so stinkin' cute. Like any of the ones where she's trying so hard to do anything on one foot. Her raised foot was in the air for like a millisecond each time before stomping back down, and I can't believe I actually got those shots. You'll also notice her serious, "I'm focusing really hard" face in some of those same pictures. Something I noticed for the first time here, the day Elliot was born:

I know it looks like she's bored to tears, but trust me: She was super excited to finally hold him.

Sam was imitating the squishy foam people that are part of the My Father's World's preschool package we got for Jacob when Lily was starting Kindergarten. The 1st red guy in the 2nd row is upside down, which Lily pointed out after Sam mimicked him standing right-side up. Hence the last picture where I am trying to hold her upside down. Oh my goodness, the laughing that ensued...She sure was a good sport.