Thursday, May 16, 2013


Most days, if I ask Jacob to write certain letters on a line, or trace some numbers in a row, I get a messsss of lines and squiggles that perhaps amount to a letter here or there. The problem's a cross between him not caring and HIM NOT CARING. Today, I had him write, "Happy Birthday" to his great grandma on a page he "colored" for her, and if you look closely, all the letters are there!

(Notice how he confused himself and crossed the bottom of the R as if it were his A?)

He did a great job! The only letter for which he needed to ask, "How do I make that again?" was an R, and he would only allow me a brief explanation before, "Oh yeah, I know, I know!" Once he figures out the whole concept of SPACING, he'll be good to go.


Lori said...

Clearly he started "birthday" and ran out of room. When that happens you just continue on a new line. Any kindergartener knows that. :P