Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sir Elliot

NOTE: Originally written 1 month ago, nearing the end of October

Our baby boy will be three months old in just a few days. THREE MONTHS. That's just nuts.

After a difficult and super fussy first month, Elliot has grown into such a wonderful baby. He's sweet and happy. He still prefers being carted around by yours truly while awake, but when he's ready to nap, we just snap him into his bouncer, swing, or carseat with his pacifier and he's golden. (There's no bed downstairs...we're working on it.)

Same thing at night time: swaddle him, put him in his co-sleeper with his pacifier, and you can almost see the relief come over him. "Yes! My bed! Now let me turn my head to the side and stare at nothing while rapidly sucking my pacifier and nuzzling my face into the corner."

How long he actually sleeps is different every night. He was actually doing better and now is waking up a lot more :( Nooooot happy to be going backwards. Maybe it has to do with him gaining weight more slowly? All I know is once you've tasted a good nights sleep, it's really hard to be satisfied with anything else!

But he wakes up happy and smiling. And that's really all a Mama can ask for.