Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elliot & His Little Buddies

Elliot (left - 3 weeks) propped up on his brand new friend Molly (right - a few days old)

Elliot and Molly, today (almost three months later)

Elliot and Molly, having dinner undercover at a fancy banquet with their Mamas - shhh!

Naptime for Elliot (left - 1 month) and his very new friend Naomi (right - a few days old)

Their adoring fans look on...
(Fun fact: Daniel & Sam are also 1 month apart!)

Elliot (2 months) goes head-to-head with his friend Boaz (just a little younger)

Elliot (right - 3 1/2  months) about to drool on his friend Isabella (left - 3 months)

Elliot (left - 3 1/2 months) takin' it easy with his brand new cousin Clara (right - 2 weeks)


Mel said...

Aw these pics are too cute!

Happy-to-be-Mrs.D said...

What a cute idea :)

And we need to get them together again for an updated pic!