Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Under the Weather

Jacob has a fever, and I hate that the first thing I think of is seizures...

It's been a long time since we've dealt with febrile seizures around here, and I praise the Lord that Lily will very soon be six and officially too old to get any more. But I can't say the same for 4 1/2 yr old Jacob. He hasn't had a fever in forever (as opposed to Samantha who seemingly ALWAYS has a fever, but has thankfully never - so far - seized), and I'm hoping it passes quickly. I'm feeling a little OFF myself, which I hope turns out to be nothing, because sick little boy + sick Mama + nursing baby who wakes up at night does not = a happy household...

So prayers for our little household are appreciated.

(Jacob on a field trip earlier today...this should have been my first clue.)

(His total breakdown in the car on the way home should have been my second clue. NOT FUN.)

In other news, Lily's eczema is currently in a state of withdrawal - not sure how to better describe a condition that, at least in her case, goes through periods of varying intensity, but never seems to completely go away. At least not yet! I know the current healing is in response mainly to all the prayers for her legs from my recent Facebook post - and partially to the new cream her sweet, concerned daddy bought her ;)

Continued prayers for COMPLETE healing appreciated - you know how much more rashes and the like itch when they are on their way out!

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