Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hospital Provisions

Here's what Atlantic Health hospitals provide for labor, delivery, and postpartum, so moms-to-be know what they do and don't have to pack before baby's arrival. [I meant to do this right after we got home from the hospital - how is it that two months have gone by already??]

For Mama:
- nursing gowns with two vertical slits down the front (hospital property)
- slipper socks
- disposable underwear, pads, and ice packs
- ibuprofen, witch hazel pads, hemorroid cream and sprays, sitzbath, squirt bottle
- Tylenol (only upon request & if cleared by nurse)
- prenatal vitamins (1/day)
- 3 generous meals/day (also available for dad at $______ each, only upon request)
- bath towels (their size is not generous...request extra)(hospital property)
- shampoo and soap in shower
- soap at sinks (hospital property)
- bed linens (hospital property)

For Baby:
- shirts and receiving blankets (hospital property - bring your own for taking baby home)
- hats (pretty sure you can take one)
- pacifiers (pretty sure you can take one)
- diapers, wipes, and diaper cream

Did Not Use These But I Assume They Are Still Available:
- Lansinoh sample (upon request)
- formula and bottles, if necessary (hospital property)

They No Longer Give Out:
- formula samples
- Similac or Efamil diaper bags
(we received these at the births of our first three children, but alas no longer)

Anybody have anything to contribute that I've forgotten...? Please let me know and I will update the list. I'm also curious to know: What makes this list in other parts of the country - and what doesn't?