Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ultrasound Pics of Baby #4

(Or rather, iPhone photos of the ultrasound pics....)

Side view - hello, baby!

Lily came with us - the first time we've brought a kid along for the grand reveal. At first, the plan was to bring the whole gang with us, Duggar-style, but we lack all those teenagers for crowd control (should have had those first!), and realized the younger two would be far too restless to last that long in a dim room with nothing to look at but bones and Mama's jelly belly. When the lady doing the ultrasound realized this baby was going to be our fourth, she assumed Lily was our current YOUNGEST and the other two were in school.

It's always fun watching people's faces when you let them know your 5-yr-old is the OLDEST of [almost] four. ;)

I always love the hand waving or gesturing pictures. I remember one of the kids gave us a thumbs-up once (no, I can't remember which one)(yes, I'm THAT MOM who can't remember who did what...). I know it's silly, but I always picture them in my belly, trying to communicate with me through their friendly waves, trying to let me know, hey mom RELAX, it's all good in here.

This one's kind of blurry, but in the middle there is the bottom of the foot. (Toes on left, heel on right.)

Another calming wave.

I specifically asked the Ultrasound chick for this printout. We've had - how do I put this gently...? - babies with big heads. Makes the thought of labor so much more exciting, no? For instance, Samantha's was in the 84th percentile at her 20-week ultrasound. Not too awful if you have a 6 or 7 lb baby. But a head in the 84th percentile on a baby who is 10lb is something completely different........................ Now that I've got you thinking.

So what have we here...?
HC = Head Circumference: 39%

BOO YA! That's what I'm sayin'!

Ryan took to work the 3D pic of the baby shyly hiding behind its fist...I will add that when I can.

We also have a gender photo, but posting it feels a little obscene somehow. I won't post pics of my kids in the tub, so I'm surely not about to post THAT AREA (stop laughing, Angela) in all it's glory.

But I'll leave you with this celebratory picture of Lily and I with our free "Happy First Day of Spring" Italian Ice from Rita's - just so happened to be the same day as our ultrasound. We snuck over for some special 1-on-1 time before picking up the other kids...she saved some of her mint chocolate chip for her daddy!

(I shared mine with #4...)

PS Haha!!! I'm such a hypocrite! I went looking for Samantha's 20-week ultrasound post, and the very first picture there is her gender picture! Oh my funny.


Anonymous said...

'should have had those first" hahahahahaahah

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