Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Ponderings...

Last year was the first year we did Christmas cards, and they were super cute (if I may say so myself.) I got a great deal online where they were all free, even shipping. Maybe I'll dig one up and scan it in so everyone can remember the cuteness.

This year, I have yet to score such a great deal, but I do have a $20 credit with Shutterfly from when Sam was born, so maybe I'll cash it in and get some Christmas cards. How handy that you were born, Sam ;) We're going tomorrow to get the Christmas pics taken, so hopefully we'll have some keepers!

I already found a design I really like that I think will fit our family well, but no way am I going to share it here BEFORE you get it in the mail...

I also like to give out calendars of the kids each year, but usually it's a lot cheaper to just buy the blank calendar and paste on my own pics in the allotted spaces.

Hmm, maybe if I have enough of a credit left, I'll pick up some personalized Mother's Day cards, as well... Not sure my brain can think that far ahead right now!

I'm still a little bummed that I never got around to posting about all of the personalized, home-made presents given and received last Christmas. I remember mentioning that in Christmas, 2008 I was super excited to be on the receiving end, and as a result, made a conscious effort to make a lot of my gifts last year, but alas the pics were never posted, and this year...forget about it! Sorry, everyone, but your gifts will be PURCHASED with love, not lovingly handmade.