Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home-made Christmas

Many of this year's Christmas presents were hand-made. If not by one of us, then by some very talented people on places like Etsy. I just loved it! I wish more of the hand-made gifts were from ME. Maybe next year...

Lori made two wonderful hats for the kids.

Here's Lily modeling hers right after she opened it. This gift was DOUBLE hand-made - Lori bought the home-made pattern on Etsy.

Lori also crocheted a pair of wool soakers for Wyatt:

She sure was busy! (And so talented!)

Amanda bought Lori and I homemade necklaces fashioned out of old Scrabble tiles and hung on thick silver chains. Lori's tile has a blue bird painted on the front, and mine has three little flowers on a black background. They are both so sweet.

Amanda also bought the girls the cutest little tu-tus, made out of pink and purple crinoline.

Most of the time, Lily prefers to wear it as a hat more than a tutu - whatever works.

I sewed Heidi a patchwork-type pillow for her new car. I put in a zipper and her initials real small on one corner.

We had two big surprises. The first was the beautiful watercolor painting Ryan's mom made us. It was set in Williamsburg, and the heads of both our little stinkers are popping up in the bottom of the picture - including the crazy hair on Jacob's head!

It was awesome, and a wonderful addition to the Charleston, SC row house-type painting she made us last year.

And the other big surprise was the two baby-sized Adirondack chairs my dad made for the kids.

These were brought in from his car after all the other gifts were handed out, as the big surprise finish Ryan and I had not expected.

Thanks so much to everyone for the special, thoughtful hand-made gifts!