Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Jacob not only smiled, but started giggling when I put him in the basement swing:

So cute! I can't wait until it gets nice outside so we can start taking him to the park. He was in a park swing this fall (with Lily), but was too little to really enjoy it:

Here are a few pics of Lily in the swing right after we first hung it in the basement:

(They were all so cute, I couldn't pick just one!)

These were taken a little less than a year ago. Look how much more hair she has now!

(Special thanks to my Aunt Barbara for bringing the Mickey and Minnie back from Disney World for the kids!)


Anonymous said...

oh my, the pix of jacob in the swing with mickey mouse is now my background pix on my desktop. what a cutie pie!! he and lily look so much alike in this pix. every now and then i see a very strong resemblance. can't wait to see you guys on saturday!