Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I'm Feeling: 35 Weeks

I can't believe that two days from now, I'll be due with this baby in just four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. That's ridiculous.

Make sure you pronounce that like my Opa: ree-dik-uh-luss.

Today's 35-week appointment was with Dr. Garfinkel, the practice's OB, since Tina (my midwife) is on vacation. I've had two previous experiences with him. The first was when he circumcised Jacob and he was a little nervous to let me watch - like he didn't think I'd be able to handle it, and then he'd have two babies on his hands (he didn't). The second time was...

I'm sorry, I have to tangent here. Jacob is standing next to me right now, inspecting my belly, shouting, "Beh-beh! Beh-beh!" He has lifted my shirt so he can rub his hands on the "baby," and now he just put his head against it, like he's giving her a hug. What a sweetheart!

OK, tangent over.

The second time was with my last miscarriage. But this was my first regular OB visit with him. He seemed a little rushed and unfocused at first, but then when I heard he was about to head to the hospital to deliver a baby, I was grateful he took the time to see me at all before leaving. Because a BABY! being BORN! So much more exciting.

We heard the baby's heartbeat, and he said the baby was measuring a little bigger than normal. Tina has told me my BELLY was bigger than normal, common for a third pregnancy, but it was nice to have someone actually confirm that, yes, the big BABY is also contributing. He said that normally babies at this stage are about 5 pounds, and mine might be about 7 pounds. He said I'm probably in for another 8 or 9 pounder.

At least he didn't say 10 or 11...though I bet he was thinking it. ;)

My next appointment is next week. Wow, can't believe I'm starting on the weekly visits already!


Chiwanderer said...

oooh yay a big chubby little baby coming ;) it's like a little turkey!

Amanda said...


But yeah for a big fat butterball! :)