Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Boy

People have started asking me what Jacob could use for his birthday next month. Yes, my sweet little boy will be TWO just NEXT MONTH. Oh my goodness, how did that happen? So I thought I'd put together a list before baby madness completely takes over and his birthday is completely forgotten:

- Rain jacket
- Rain boots
- Beach towel (preferably with a hood)
- Bath towel (ditto on the hood)
- Sunglasses
- Sun hat

This list was much longer in my head the other day... will add more as I remember, so check back.

And for those of you asking what we could use for the new baby? We have a list at Babies'R'Us!


Amanda said...

He is adorable! Can't believe little Jacob is almost two!!!

Btw, we got the kids art in the cute! Wyatt liked it, and I loved the "key" on the back...haha! :)

Amanda said...

Oh, yeah, LOVE Jacob's shirt, how could I forget to comment on that?? ;)